22 Super Cool Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials!

With Photoshop Photo effects you can modify your usual image to professional and interesting photo artwork. We collect best 25 new photoshop photo effects that will help you create amazing photos. By picking up a couple of Photoshop photo editing skills, you will impress and stand out from the crowd! Enjoy…

1. Creating an Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

There are plenty of ways to create a Watercolor Effect in Photoshop. Some are very cheesy and you can easily tell that a simple filter has been used. In this tutorial, we will be using Layer Masking. It is one of the most fascinating and powerful Photoshop method, to use layer masks in your designs.


2. Creative Photoshop Animal King Photo Manipulation

In this photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to mash up a series of photos in a highly creative poster based on a famous painting from the 1800’s.


3. Photo Edit Color Effects

This easy to follow tutorial gives you some great tips for cool Coloring Effects in Photoshop.


4. Alien Invasion

It’s always fun to talk about aliens (even if the x-files isn’t on the air anymore). In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transform a relatively benign picture and a few other elements into a horrifying alien invasion!


5. Realistic Break-Apart Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn an interesting technique used to produce realistic break-apart/disintegration effect in Photoshop by using debris brushes, with a watercolour background attached.


6. Creating Energy Spheres

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transform a photo into a fantastic photo of someone throwing around orbs of light!


7. Fantasy Art

Here’s a tutorial by an amazing artist named Lorelei – “The requests for Fantasy Art tutorials are enormous, I still get emails and Pms from people asking to do more Fantasy Art tuts, so here is one more, called “Plasma” (Star, not the TV!) which I hope you’d enjoy.”


8. Add Realistic Rainbow To A Photo

In this Photoshop photo effects tutorial, you’ll learn how to easily add a rainbow, even a double rainbow, to a photo.


9. Dark Art Picture Style

Here’s a How-to that will teach you howe to combine a couple of stock images and some Photoshop techniques to create a really cool Dark Art Picture


10. Retro Comic Book Effect

How about a fun effect for your incredibly boring photo albums? Creating a old comic book effect for your photos is easy and the results are visually appealing. More fun is achieved when adding captions to your photos using comic book fonts and design elements.

This tutorial will show you how to give a comic book look to your photos using a couple of filters and some additional decorations.


11. Robotic Frog

Half robot, half frog. In this tutorial, I am going to show how I took a regular frog and opened him up to reveal a mechanical skeleton.


12. How to Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces

Applying texture to a flat surface, or flatly applying a texture across a whole image (as a means to age it or degrade it) is simple stuff. Realistically applying a texture to an uneven surface is much more hands-on (more so than simply overlaying a texture and changing the Blending mode).


13. Mental Wave Explosion Effect

How to create a crazy explosion, like a mix of Magneto’s (X-Men) ability with Peter Petrelli’s (NBC’s Heros) power.


14. Age Progression

Here’s a little tutorial showing you how to basically age a woman’s face in Photoshop.


15. How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits

There are a plethora of ways to treat a portrait for a myriad of uses, but that is for another feature. Let’s tackle adding drama or a cinematic quality to a regular, humdrum portrait. Let’s even throw in a little bit of faking HDR. That way if you work on a project that requires a stunning shot without the stunning photography, you’ll be able to cobble something together using your mad skillz!


16. Adding Reflections To Sunglasses

How to add reflections, or at least, different reflections, to sunglasses.


17. Grunge Photo Edges

In this Photoshop tutorial We are going to show you a quick and effective way to create a cool photo edge effect using a single Photoshop grunge brush and a series of clipping masks.


18. Create a Dynamic Scene with a Fallen Angel Theme

If you want to take your Photoshop Manipulation and creative composition skills to the next level, then we have an exciting tutorial for you. Discover how to draw fuse, wings, and digital renders into a fallen angel! As usual, loads of great tips and techniques in this tutorial!


19. Create a Divine Angel Montage in Photoshop

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use create a photo manipulation of an angel lighting her way through a dark forest using stock photographyin Photoshop.


20. Create an Amazing A.I. Robot Woman in Photoshop

Here are some photo manipulation techniques that will show you how to design a dramatic image depicting an “Artificial intelligence” concept.


21. Dance Photo Manipulation Part

We wanted to write a tutorial showing how to reproduce some of the really common elements, regularly found in graphic design these days, almost cliche elements. In doing so you’ll produce a stunning piece of art.. This is a useful tutorial for users of all levels.


22. Creating a Rocking Silhouette in Photoshop

If you’ve ever wanted to shine in the spotlight, try this tutorial. It shows you how to create a silhouette of a person taken from a normal photo, adding colorful light to it as if the light source is located behind this object.


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